WE ARE Logixtech Custom Software Development Services
for SMB Organizations

At LogiXTech, our primary mission is to drive enterprise performance by delivering custom software development services that best benefit your unique small to medium-sized business. We don’t just develop software. We work with each client to identify the obstacles to their goals and objectives and then design and deliver solutions aligned with your business’s strategic goals.

We are passionate about design and user experience in every solution we develop and will always listen, learn, and adapt to the unique needs of your business. The following are some of the services we can offer.


Application Development

The mobile apps we design are interactive and engaging to the user and provide a consistent user experience across smartphones, tablets, watches, cars, and all other devices.

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B2B & Ecommerce Software Development

Throughout our custom software development services, we highly value client input and participation to deliver solutions tailored to achieve a client’s desired result.

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Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics solutions are: Quantifiable; Trendable; and, Actionable. We transform your data into actionable insights

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Cloud Security Software Development

Our team provides consulting services regarding Data Governance; Master Data Management; and Cloud Migration Strategies.

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Cloud Migration Services

We work closely to transfer enterprise applications to a Cloud infrastructure in the most cost-effective manner within the boundaries of your business.

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Cloud Data Recovery Services

Data back-ups play an important part of a company’s disaster recovery (DR) strategy. LogiXTech can help you protect your business’ core information assets.

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Serving a Variety of Industries

At LogiXTech, we are qualified to work with businesses operating in a variety of industries. We understand the unique needs each industry we serve, from the significant privacy concerns associated with the management of healthcare data and the need for retail businesses to keep their proprietary customer information safe. We have extensive experience working with clients in the following industries:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient & Ambulatory
  • Skilled Nursing & Long-Term

Our team takes the time to fully understand the inner-workings of every business we work with in order deliver fully-customized and responsive products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations and help their businesses thrive.

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A Team Made Up of Industry Thought Leaders

Our team of enterprise solution professionals understand that our clients expect cutting-edge, responsive, and metrics-driven software and application. As a result, we have positioned ourselves as thought-leaders in our industry and strive to provide innovative and effective solutions to businesses in a variety of industries. We are committed to providing technology solutions that are aligned with our clients’ business objectives and provide an immediate ROI. To discuss your business’s needs with a member of our team, call us today or send us an email through our online contact form.

Technologies We Use

Applications Developed on the Microsoft Stack

We offer a full range of application solutions development services using the Microsoft.NET stack. Our areas of expertise include:

  • .NET and C# Development
  • Cross Platform mobile app development with Xamarin
  • MS SQL Server, SSIS, and SSAS
  • Sharepoint Application Development, Web Portals,
  • BizTalk EDI services, SOAP, WCF, Enterprise Service Bus, Azure Service Bus
  • Cloud-based applications and services using Microsoft Azure
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Open Source: Full Stack Application Development with MEAN
  • MEAN includes MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js Our MEAN applications are designed for scalability and high performance
  • Our team of MEAN experts has built a wide range of applications from highly interactive social networking games to scalable and responsive mobile web-portals
  • Advanced experience designing and developing user interfaces with JavaScript frameworks such as Knockout and Bootstrap
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Intelligence Solutions

We provide comprehensive services to support the development of Data Warehouses and Analytics Solutions. Our services include:

  • Data acquisition and transformation from line-of-business (LOB) applications such as CRM, ERP, Accounting, Social Channel or Hadoop file systems
  • Collaborative and iterative data warehouse design including establishing technical infrastructure, data design, data modeling, physical database design and populating the data mart concluding with the establishment of processes for data mining and exploration
  • Delivery of a centralized data warehouse with integrated master data management, data quality management, and data transformation and loading services
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