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Can You Really Be Agile Without DevOps?

The two concepts, DevOps and Agile, have overlapped one another since both became available to the software industry. Agile, whether it uses scrum techniques or any other form of efficiency, provides a clear set of priorities and simple steps to complete those tasks. However, it could not exist without DevOps, the underlying principle that equalizes the […]

Claims-based Analytics and IT Solutions for the Insurance Industry

In a world where business intelligence rules, the collection of data from consumers is a vital resource to mine. The insurance industry stands to benefit the most. Obviously, your insurance company deals with a lot of incoming data. The right IT solutions can help develop programs and software to deliver useful insight. Claims-based analytics can assist insurance […]

Software Solutions for a Secure eStore

A safe and secure eStore is necessary to compete in the online world today. If you have a website, you also need an eStore. You want to give instant access to your customers so that they can buy your products. However, you also need the right software solutions so that you can provide them with […]