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Our advisory services articulate a strategy that aligns technology with your plans for growth. When it comes to core business applications and IT management, so many business owners may not be aware of how to set the right Azure or AWS Migration Strategy. But the team at LogiXTech stays on top of the newest trends and available opportunities for a variety of industries so that we can provide state-of-the-art and practical advisory services to different types of SMBs.

We regularly advise companies on the following subject areas: Application and Infrastructure Migration to the Cloud, Cloud Security Strategies, Analytics Governance, and Cloud-based Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Services. With the advice and guidance of our knowledgeable development team, we are certain we can help you find solutions for the right Azure or AWS Migration Strategy that will provide improved profitability at an accessible cost and an achievable ROI. Please contact LogiXTech to discuss our advisory services and how we can help your business grow and succeed.

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Application and Infrastructure Migration to the Cloud

Cloud hosting offers multiple advantages, including lower over all hosting costs, the ability to scale up without the expense of acquiring additional hardware, and the ability to quickly add affordably add redundancy and fault tolerance. In most cases, cloud-based infrastructure and application solutions are significantly more efficient and cost-effective than their on-premise counterparts. When you work with LogiXTech on your cloud migration, we will conduct a thorough cloud-readiness audit and advise you on any issues you need to address prior to moving your operations to the cloud. In addition, we will advise you regarding the pros and cons regarding various cloud-based solutions, many of which have steep learning curves. Finally, should you have any difficulties during the process, we can help execute your cloud migration as well.

Azure & AWS Cloud Migration Strategy

One of the reasons that many companies hesitate to execute an Azure or AWS Cloud Migration Strategy is because there is a perception that cloud-based solutions can compromise data security and could disrupt operations in the case of a service outage. However, with proper preparation and understanding, cloud-based solutions are more secure, cost-effective, and reliable than traditional computing. We’ll work closely with your company during your cloud migration. We do this because we want to ensure that your security concerns are addressed and that your data is secure.

Here are some questions we help you think through:

  • How will our cloud migration align with our strategic goals?
  • Which cloud platform is the best for our company?
  • How can we be certain we are not subscribing for more capacity than we need?
  • How can I be sure our company’s and our customer’s data will be secure in the cloud?
  • What do we do about legacy applications and accumulated technical debt in our application portfolio?

Analytics Governance

Data analysis is an essential part of any business, as data can help you identify trends, make improvements, and implement business strategies that improve your bottom line. However, data can be overwhelming without streamlined systems and procedures for data reporting, including knowing which data should be retrieved and reviewed. LogiXTech can not only develop software for reliable data analytics and reporting, but we excel at providing clients with an Azure or AWS Migration Strategy as a whole.We can help you transform into a data-driven enterprise with leaders across your organization. You will work together to focus on the importance of analytics. We will ensure that all levels of your company understand and appreciate the following:

Important data and metrics on which decisions should be based

Creating enterprise wide definitions of key metrics and performance indicators

Which data is important to calculate certain metrics

Using coded values to describe operational status and performance levels

We are confident that greater success can come from fully understanding what is being measured and how that data should be used to make important decisions. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop a comprehensive data governance strategy for your business.
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Setting the right Azure or AWS Migration Strategy can provide benefits for almost any small or medium-sized business. LogiXTech is committed to helping our clients meet their objectives and increase profitability in a variety of ways. These ways include a thorough business analysis, advisory services, and strategy implementation.

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