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At LogiXTech, we help our clients solve problems and increase efficiency through comprehensive B2B And eCommerce Software Development. The deployment of innovative, tailored software that streamlines operations and keeps your business on the leading edge of their fast-paced business environment.

In order for software to have maximum effectiveness for your business, it must be expertly designed and implemented by developers who fully understand the needs of your business, your customer base, and the ever-changing capabilities of in-house and mobile technologies. To learn more about how our B2B and eCommerce and software development team can enhance your success, please do not hesitate to contact LogiXTech today.

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Working with You Through the Development Process

We get it. You would rather focus on your business and the needs of your customers. Becoming a technology expert is probably not one of your top priorities. Our primary goal at LogiXTech is client driven development. You tell us the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ and we will deliver the ‘How’. Your participation in the process instills confidence in the solution we deliver. Our collaborative approach to development adds to our understanding of the product we deliver and, ensures we have all of the necessary information and feedback to create the most effective software possible.

We know that no one understands the needs of your business more than you do and so collaboration with our clients is an integral part of our process. Our process has many steps, during which we will fully collaborate with your team. Such steps include the following:

Understanding the objectives and needs of your business
Designing software solutions for your objectives that are scalable over time
Providing ongoing technological support to sustain your software and guarantee its long-term success

Delivering High-end,
Innovative, and Effective Software

The objective of our developers at LogiXTech is not to simply deliver software but to ensure it is the most innovative and effective solution that will assist in your long term success. Our software designs can help with efficiency, automation, transparency, and other operational aspects that can be improved through Business to Business applications and services.

We provide clients with the following and more:

We design ideal web applications for your company’s needs that are easy and engaging for users. Our web apps can be mobile ready or adapted for your corporate intranet or extranet.

We develop effective and user-friendly content management systems for both enterprise content management and web content management.

We understand that e-commerce applications must be specially designed with particular focus on your customer’s UX, payment gateways, and more to meet or exceed your sales objectives.

Your existing software may be effective but may require additional investment to ensure maximum efficiency. We can develop cost effective solutions that make cloud based services available in your environment. This leverages your existing software while taking advantage of cloud based analytics frameworks and eCommerce platforms increasing business value. Our hybrid cloud approach provides advanced applications, at a lower total cost of ownership with, shorter time to value.

There are many ways our developers will work to ensure you have maximum performance from your software, including cache implementation, minimal load times, scale on demand infrastructure and, query optimization.

Your new applications will not be effective unless they are fully integrated with all of your existing systems. We can ensure that our product successfully and efficiently interacts with existing applications, third party applications, databases, devices, and social media platforms.

The goal at LogiXTech is to provide service and support in a variety of ways from your first call to long after your software has been implemented to maximize the solutions we design for your company. We develop software solutions for a variety of industries such as retail, insurance, and health care - including inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory services, skilled nursing and long-term care facilities.

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