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Data Governance in the Era of Machine Learning

The principles of Data Governance are still relevant in the current era of Big Data and Machine Learning. However, the approaches to implementing data governance have changed. In this post we will summarize the recommendations and best practices from industry leaders.

Is Your Cloud Safe?

Cloud security software development should be a primary consideration whenever a company decides to migrate to the cloud. The benefits of cloud storage include lower costs and data redundancy. It also means you’re handing over your data for someone else to keep safe. Loss or theft of company information takes a lot of time and […]

Top Concerns for Insurance Software Development

Insurance software development strategy is key for business owners and technology managers. There are many benefits to custom software tools and platforms. In-house software allows fast roll-out of changes and updates. Additionally, there is greater control over data storage and security. However, custom software solutions can be a challenge for some insurance companies because they […]

Why You Need Business Intelligence Software

The only way to know how to achieve the success you want for your company is to consistently understand where you are. In this day and age where information is so quick and abundant, keeping tabs on the day-to-day operations and financial information of your company is increasingly difficult. That is why business intelligence software […]

Does Your Data Work for You?

Your business generates data. Now what should you do with that data? With the right tools, you could collect the data, use it to generate strategies, and then improve your business practices. The most successful companies use their data to grow and evolve. You can do the same thing, and LogiXTech can help. With custom […]

What to Look for in Custom Software Development Services

Are you looking for custom software development services? The search can get tricky. Where should you start? And how will you know that you’ve made the right choice? At LogiXTech, we recommend taking a two-step approach. First, when you’re interested in a company, check out its website. Next, look for client reviews. Use those two […]

Protect Your Business With Data Recovery Services

Unlike the old days where most businesses had a backup of a hard physical copy to refer to if something was missing, if you lose data on a computer system, there is no copy of it unless you take the precaution of backing things up. But who has the time to do that? If you […]

Software for Better B2B Communication

B2B eCommerce thrives on excellent communication. In fact, it can’t exist without it. That’s why B2B eCommerce software development has to focus on communication. With the right custom software, B2B companies can enhance their communication, gain better speed, and do business more efficiently. At LogiXTech, we offer software solutions that help B2B companies improve their […]

What you Need From Business Intelligence Software

What would the world do without the assistance of computers? Well, the good news is that hopefully, you will never have to find out. Technology continues to change at a rapid pace, and if you are a business owner and you aren’t keeping up with the changes, you aren’t keeping up with the competition. Business […]

HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Software

Many industries have very strict needs for their software, but none are more stringent than the healthcare industry. Healthcare software has made great strides in recent years. However, HIPAA laws were written before many of these recent innovations took place. This means developers have to take several precautions when it comes to software development in […]

Key Uses for Healthcare Application Development

Healthcare is one of the most nuanced and complex fields for software development. After all, healthcare deals with nuanced and complex people on a daily basis. Standardized, off-the-shelf software just won’t cut it for the healthcare industry. You need a unique approach whether you’re looking for new computer software or healthcare application development. At LogiXTech, […]