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What to Look for in Custom Software Development Services

Are you looking for custom software development services? The search can get tricky. Where should you start? And how will you know that you’ve made the right choice? At LogiXTech, we recommend taking a two-step approach. First, when you’re interested in a company, check out its website. Next, look for client reviews. Use those two […]

Protect Your Business With Data Recovery Services

Unlike the old days where most businesses had a backup of a hard physical copy to refer to if something was missing, if you lose data on a computer system, there is no copy of it unless you take the precaution of backing things up. But who has the time to do that? If you […]

Software for Better B2B Communication

B2B eCommerce thrives on excellent communication. In fact, it can’t exist without it. That’s why B2B eCommerce software development has to focus on communication. With the right custom software, B2B companies can enhance their communication, gain better speed, and do business more efficiently. At LogiXTech, we offer software solutions that help B2B companies improve their […]

What you Need From Business Intelligence Software

What would the world do without the assistance of computers? Well, the good news is that hopefully, you will never have to find out. Technology continues to change at a rapid pace, and if you are a business owner and you aren’t keeping up with the changes, you aren’t keeping up with the competition. Business […]

HIPAA Compliance in Healthcare Software

Many industries have very strict needs for their software, but none are more stringent than the healthcare industry. Healthcare software has made great strides in recent years. However, HIPAA laws were written before many of these recent innovations took place. This means developers have to take several precautions when it comes to software development in […]

Key Uses for Healthcare Application Development

Healthcare is one of the most nuanced and complex fields for software development. After all, healthcare deals with nuanced and complex people on a daily basis. Standardized, off-the-shelf software just won’t cut it for the healthcare industry. You need a unique approach whether you’re looking for new computer software or healthcare application development. At LogiXTech, […]

Can You Really Be Agile Without DevOps?

The two concepts, DevOps and Agile, have overlapped one another since both became available to the software industry. Agile, whether it uses scrum techniques or any other form of efficiency, provides a clear set of priorities and simple steps to complete those tasks. However, it could not exist without DevOps, the underlying principle that equalizes the […]

Claims-based Analytics and IT Solutions for the Insurance Industry

In a world where business intelligence rules, the collection of data from consumers is a vital resource to mine. The insurance industry stands to benefit the most. Obviously, your insurance company deals with a lot of incoming data. The right IT solutions can help develop programs and software to deliver useful insight. Claims-based analytics can assist insurance […]

Software Solutions for a Secure eStore

A safe and secure eStore is necessary to compete in the online world today. If you have a website, you also need an eStore. You want to give instant access to your customers so that they can buy your products. However, you also need the right software solutions so that you can provide them with […]

Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare data analytics is very important in meeting today’s complex healthcare needs. Data analytics can give your organization meaningful information that will improve efficiency and increase revenue. Here is everything you need to know about how healthcare data analytics can benefit you. What Is Healthcare Data Analytics? Healthcare data analytics refers to activities and analysis […]

Mobile Applications for Healthcare Professionals

The use of mobile applications has transformed the healthcare industry. Increased use of mobile applications engages patient care and allows healthcare staff to enter critical information in real time. Here are some of the ways mobile applications and healthcare are bringing change to the industry. Data and Records Mobile applications can assist with maintaining healthcare […]