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Accountable Care Organizations Demand a New Level of Interoperability

Since 2011, billions of dollars have been issued to hospitals and medical providers across the United States. The funding was to purchase and use Electronic Health Records. Since the government began issuing these funds, a huge improvement has been seen by the sharing of patient date. How has this benefited the patient? The patient is […]

Data Governance for More Effective Machine Learning

Data governance is important for more than just compliance standards and customer registries. Today, machine learning is one of the fastest growing fields in the world of computer science, and staggering breakthroughs appear in the news regularly. It’s easy to let routine and enthusiasm blind you to the truth of machine learning. No matter how […]

Cloud Migration Strategies: Considerations for Success

Cloud migration is a natural result of the rise of Cloud-based services. Businesses of all sizes from all industries rely on the Cloud for storage, hosting, and more. Even government entities use Cloud storage for top secret data. The bulk of data kept on the Cloud, of course, makes migrating a challenge. The better you […]