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LogiXTech NA is a software and solutions development company based in the State of Washington. We have a number of case studies that show LogiXTech’s approach to solution development across a variety of industries. LogixTech places a great deal of value on listening to and engaging with our customers to design solutions that meet their business challenges. Take a look at our case study below and contact us if you’re looking for something in particular.

Retail Client

This Case Study describes LogiXTechnologies, North America’s experience migrating a business’s IT infrastructure and applications to the Cloud. In addition to migrating the IT infrastructure to the Cloud, LogiXTechnologies re-designed and developed business applications to support the customer’s current and future business needs.

Working with a retail customer located in the European Union, the LogiXTechnologies team was able to decrease the organization’s IT costs by replacing outdated infrastructure and applications with Web Based applications supported on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

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Food Products Client

Originally, Manuka Health relied on hand coded programs to move data between applications and business units. The absence of an integrated, service-based, data integration solution created an inflexible data infrastructure, was time consuming, involved labor-intensive processes, and required the manual reformatting of data for use by other applications.

LogiXTech was able to deploy a solution that increased sales across service levels, reduce the necessary amount of finished goods in inventory, and achieve cost savings from improved operational efficiencies.

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Technology Client

SCI Global had originally tried to adopt Agile Delivery across its four geographically disbursed software development teams. The teams’ maturity and understanding of Agile Delivery varied. This led to differences in implementation; inconsistent definition of Sprint cycles and payloads; and Inconsistent definition of acceptance criteria and quality metrics.

LogiXTech launched an agile engagement with SCI Global that improved the quality of software delivered, resulted in consistent progress towards release dates across product lies, and improved customer satisfaction.

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