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Businesses are attracted to Cloud for many reasons: Lower total cost of ownership; the increased security and data redundancy available in the Cloud; seamless integration with services and frameworks. These are all important considerations. At LogiXTech we understand that a company’s Cloud migration is more likely to succeed if your Cloud migration is integrated with your long term strategy.

Migrating to the Cloud transforms your IT organization and how you deliver value to your customers. At LogiXTech, we are committed to helping businesses transform their operations to the cloud in a cost effective way which, minimizes workflow disruptions while, delivering maximum value.

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Why Move to the Cloud?

Moving to the cloud can benefit companies operating in any industry. There are a number of reasons you should move to the cloud, including the following:


Typically, cloud-based data storage and software solutions are cheaper than maintaining locally-data or software. Scalability allows businesses to purchase only the resources they need at a given point and adjust as they grow.


Running multiple platforms and storing data in disparate locations can create inefficiencies that increase costs. Cloud-based data and software solutions integrate operations into a single platform that makes work easier.


Cloud hosting services are specialists in their area and understand that their business-model depends on providing their clients with top-notch security. Migrating to the cloud allows enterprise to rely on the expertise of their hosting provider and eliminates the need for significant investment into private server security.


Unless you are in the data center or hosting business, you should not be in the business of data center operations. Migrating your data, applications and, infrastructure to the cloud allows you to focus on what your businesses really is about.


Your company may already be working with a remote hosting provider. In a typical hosting arrangement you are still required to maintain separate environments. With Cloud based infrastructure these environments can be brought on line only when needed. Your production environment can temporarily scale up to meet increased demand. The ability to operate only what you need, when you need yields cost savings for your business

Assisting Companies with Cloud Migration

At LogiXTech, we understand that companies operating in certain industries have specialized concerns regarding cloud migration and are committed to fully understanding every business which we work. For example, we are aware of the significant regulations associated with the management of patient-data in the healthcare industry and the liabilities associated with the protection of customer payment information in the retail sector. We regularly work with clients who operate in the following industries:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient & Ambulatory
  • Skilled Nursing & Long-Term

Providing a Variety of Services to SMBs

We strive to be a comprehensive IT solution provider for small and medium sized businesses across all industries. In addition to our cloud migration services, we also provide the following:

Custom application development
Analytics and reporting
Advisory Service

Furthermore, we are qualified to work with all industry-standard technologies, including .NET and C# development, MS SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Sharepoint, SOAP, BizTalk EDI Services, Enterprise Service Bus, and WCF.

increase efficiency decrease costs

Moving operations to the cloud can increase efficiency, decrease costs, and allow an enterprise to fully take advantage of the flexibilities offered by mobile communication. It is important to keep in mind, however, that moving to the cloud involves more than simply uploading files and software to cloud-based servers. AN organization must employ the right organizational structure and application architecture in order to maximize the ROI of a cloud migration.

At LogiXTech, we are passionate about helping businesses seamlessly move to the cloud. We will assess your company’s cloud –readiness and develop a strategy that minimizes operational disruption and streamlines the way that you do business.

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