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In the modern healthcare landscape, most organizations that provide inpatient services are heavily invested in information technology and the management and analysis of massive amounts of data. Also, healthcare providers are starting to leverage digital solutions to issues related to ongoing patient care and management in order to improve patient outcomes. At LogiXTech, we are passionate about helping inpatient healthcare providers create and deploy custom healthcare software development solutions to issues unique to the industry. Our motto, “listen, learn, adapt,” reflects our commitment to delivering customized solutions that delight our clients and provide an immediate ROI.

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Providing Customized Solutions to Healthcare Organizations

At LogiXTech, we work closely with hospitals and other healthcare facilities that provide inpatient care and provide a variety of products that improve efficiency and allow providers to deliver higher quality care. Our team understands the unique IT needs that inpatient facilities have, so we work hard to make sure that they are met in a cost-effect way that provides an immediate ROI. Some of the products that we develop for inpatient care facilities include the following:

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  • At LogiXTech, we understand that every hospital is different. Their needs vary greatly from one another based upon their location, the community they serve, their size, and other variables. We develop fully customized solutions for inpatient healthcare facilities of all sizes. We are committed to fully understanding our clients’ goals prior to starting development.

  • We understand how mobile applications can streamline care, help medical professionals stay organized, and create actionable data for hospital administrators. The team at LogiXTech develops bespoke mobile applications that are designed for use by the medical professionals on the front lines of inpatient care. Our apps are designed to be intuitive, effective, and aesthetically pleasing, making implementation across your organization painless.

  • Inpatient healthcare providers can also leverage mobile applications to facilitate the delivery of care and information of value to their patients. Additionally, a patient-centered mobile application can increase treatment plan compliance. These applications provide patients with reminders and information after they are discharged, potentially reducing readmission rates and improving outcomes.

  • Information security is a major concern for every organization providing inpatient care. We help hospitals and other healthcare organizations of all sizes develop HIPAA-compliant data storage solutions. These solutions limit liability and keep sensitive patient information safe. Additionally, we provide penetration testing services that evaluate the strength of existing security protocols and expose any weaknesses that exist.

  • We develop customized healthcare websites that provide patients with information important to them. These sites establish our clients as leaders in their field. Additionally, we can develop secure patient-only access sections that provided various functionalities that will increase engagement and efficiency.

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At LogiXTech, we are committed to helping organizations that provide inpatient healthcare services streamline their operations and deliver world-class care to their patients. Additionally, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our experience allows healthcare providers to focus on what they do best – treating people in need. We are passionate about user experience, so we develop solutions that are effective, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.

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