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Most organizations recognize the need for maintaining back-up copies of critical business data. Data back-ups also play an important part of a company’s disaster recovery (DR) strategy. The traditional approach to back-up and disaster recovery involves:

  • Creating copies or archive files of data from critical systems
  • Transferring physical copies of the data archives to an off-site location
  • Retrieving the physical copies and transporting them to a second location in the event of a catastrophic failure of their primary infrastructure

At LogiXTech, we offer fully-managed could back-up & recovery services that ensure that your company’s important data is safe, secure, and accessible.

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Common Issues with the
Traditional Cloud Back-Up Recovery Approach

  • Many companies do not take the step of encrypting the backup copies of their data
  • Data encryption is a key step in preventing unwanted access to your company’s data
  • There have been multiple, documented cases where a company’s data was stolen from their secondary storage site
  • Even if the company had taken the step to encrypt their data, encryption key can be broken using brute force attacks
  • Restoring applications in the event of a catastrophic failure is a time-consuming process
  • The longer the recovery period, the longer your key applications are not available to run your company’s business
  • Theft or loss of employee devices creates another potential, unwanted, exposure of your company’s data
  • Traditional backup solutions have no provision for extending protection to devices your employees use in the field

The LogiXTech Difference

LogiXTech, North America offers a comprehensive, secure Cloud-Based and Disaster Recovery solution. We are partners with Infrascale, a Gartner leader in Cloud-Based backup solutions. Our back-up and disaster recovery solutions provide your company with the following advantages:

  • Absolute security of your data:
    at rest; on the move; or, in archival storage

    • Your data is encrypted using the SHA-256 bit, military grade, data encryption
    • Our backup solutions are HIPPA and SOX compliant
  • Support for unlimited versioning
    • We allow customers to maintain multiple versions of the stored data
    • Instead of over writing your data we allow you to maintain multiple versions of your data
    • This facilitates restoration to a ‘last known good state’ in a recovery situation or, in the event of an operational error
  • Ransomware and Malware Detection
    • Ransomware spreads across your system through file replication
    • Our back up software actively monitors your file systems for abnormal file proliferation
    • Alerts are generated on our console or delivered in real time to your System Administrators
  • Security that extends to your employee’s devices
    • Back up and encryption of data can be extended to individual employee devices
    • If a device is lost or stolen, you have the option of wiping the device remotely, even though the device is no longer in your employee’s possession
  • Guaranteed, automated recovery of servers
  • Peace of mind at an affordable price

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