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At LogiXTech, we understand that certain industries have specialized IT needs that cannot be met with one-size-fits all solutions. We work closely with physicians, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and other organizations and help them with custom software development and healthcare application development  and deploy digital solutions that increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

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Providing Customized Solutions to Healthcare Organizations

At LogiXTech, we work closely with clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, and other healthcare organizations in order to help them leverage digital solutions to maximize efficiency and improve patient outcomes. We understand that no two organizations are the same and, as a result, all of our products are carefully tailored to the needs of each client. Some of the products we develop for healthcare organizations are detailed below:

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to Industry-Specific Needs

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  • While communication with patients in between appointments is one of the most effective ways that healthcare organizations can help them manage chronic health conditions, it is also one of the most resource-intensive. Custom software and healthcare application development can streamline and automate reminders and information about medications, nutrition, and physical activity. These solutions can be targeted and tailored to the needs of a specific patient.

  • Healthcare organizations can use their data to gain meaningful insights into their operations and learn how to improve efficient and revenue. Population health monitoring is more important than ever in the age of at risk reimbursement. We can help create analytics that make it easy to understand and visualize key metrics in your organization.

  • A major threat for health care organizations is the accidental exposure of PHI through: Use of un-encrypted back-up media; Loss or theft of of employee devices containing PHI; and, theft of storage media from off-site storage. LogiXTech offers secure, encrypted, back-up and disaster recovery solutions. The solution ensure 256 bit encryption for data on the host; data on the move during back up; and, Storage of the data at rest. Our protection can be extended to employee devices with a remote data destruction capability if the device becomes lost or stolen·

  • Our team can assist your organization with solutions that extend your in-house software development in healthcare and provided added functionality or other improvements. We can improve applications scalability, performance.

  • We develop custom websites for a variety of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and urgent care centers. Our websites are designed in a way that makes user experience a top priority, ensuring that website visitors can find the information they need. In addition, we develop content that establishes your organization as an industry leader and is shareable on social media channels, increasing brand recognition and trust.

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LogiXTech is committed to designing and implementing a comprehensive analytics strategies for small to medium-sized businesses, including effective and reliable analytics and reporting. Please contact our team today to discuss how our team can help you and to take the next step to improving your business.

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