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Insurance companies are in the business of helping people prepare for disaster. With so many options available when choosing insurance coverage, it is important that your company stands out while still complying with the many regulatory requirements that apply to your industry.

At LogiXTech, our goal is to develop technological solutions that allow your insurance company to shine while providing practical and effective operational and management benefits. We know your goal is to gain – and retain – customers, so we will use our extensive design and programming talents to help you achieve your goal and manage growth. The following are only some of the many ways.

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The Following Are Some Of The Many Ways

1.0 Mobility

In today’s world, everyone wants to complete tasks - such as getting an insurance quote - as quickly and simply as possible. We know how to develop mobile applications that focus on user experience while providing the security you need in a manner that efficiently integrates with your internal systems.

2.0 Policy administration

We can develop software and systems that make determining rates, providing quotes, and issuing coverage as efficient a process as possible. This not only helps with resource management on your end but makes for a good overall user experience, as well.

3.0 Claims-based analytics

nsurance claims involve many internal and external communications, policy and liability evaluations, negotiations, and payments. Our team can develop solutions to give you insight into your claims management workflow. We can look for patterns of consumption and deliver insight into operational improvements using predictive analytics.

4.0 Cloud-based migration

oo many insurance companies are operating with decades-old on-premise infrastructures and may be wary of replacing such technology due to regulatory and security concerns. However, cloud-based migration of your data can reduce your resources dedicated to data storage and can improve ease of information retrieval. We can assist with cloud migration while keeping all of your regulatory needs in mind.

5.0 Business intelligence

Knowing insurance industry trends and customer behavior is essential to keeping your company on the cutting edge. In addition, you should constantly be reviewing how your company is performing to identify any changes in strategy that may need to be made. We can help you store, retrieve, and analyze massive amounts of data in an organized and enlightening fashion to maximize your business intelligence.

Focusing on Customer Experiences

Without policyholders, your insurance company would not succeed. Individuals can change their insurance coverage with the simple click of a button, so you always need have the customer’s experience in mind when designing apps and programs. With increased digitalization of communications, customers more often form an opinion based on their online or mobile experience. They do this less and less based on person-to-person interaction. Therefore, the user experience is a key focus of our development process. We continuously test our products to ensure they’re working properly and as efficiently as possible for the best possible UX.

All of our software and applications are flexible to be tweaked when needed, as well as easily scalable to account for the intended growth of your company. We provide ongoing support and advisory services to constantly find new solutions to improve the state of your insurance company.

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