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At LogixTech, we deliver .net solutions that can help to grow and change your business for the better, regardless of your business’ size and scale. We also provide a full range of .net services and are capable of transforming your business’ diverse requirements into flexible .net solutions that will take it to the next level.

Specifically, we can help you and your business with the following:

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Advanced Web-based Solutions

Here at LogixTech, we build functional, interactive, and user-friendly web apps and websites, including the following:

  • Internet B2B and B2C portals
  • Online stores
  • Online marketplaces and auction sites
  • Media content distribution sites
  • Game and entertainment sites
  • Web service apps
  • Corporate websites and portals
  • Line-of-business apps
  • Enterprise resource planning apps
  • Project and document management apps

Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics

At LogixTech, we have the skills and experience to develop custom solutions that are based upon Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics. Our goal is to be able to allow you to collect, assemble, analyze, and transform data and make decisions that will further advance your business’ goals.

Our customized Office 365 apps will address your business operation needs, and our Microsoft Dynamics solutions will enable your company to push leads and opportunities through the sales funnel.

Mobile App Development

In terms of mobile app development, LogixTech NA can help your business with the following:

Decreasing development costs and reducing delivery time

Delivering secure mobile apps that integrate Microsoft products which are capable of supporting your organization’s mobile strategy, while at the same time protecting your organization against malware, leaks, and other cyber-threats

Developing multi-tier applications that can easily be deployed or scaled to the cloud, allowing your business to sustain greater flexibility and providing additional options when it comes to data deployment

Performing migration of desktop apps – including those apps which are based upon Windows Forms (WinForms) and V86 – to the web with ASP.NET, allowing the functions and controls to correspond exactly with their desktop equivalents

Our .Net Team

Our .net team here at LogixTech is a knowledgeable and skilled group of developers and professionals who are exceptional at crafting applications with easily maintainable and highly secure code. All of our team members are prescreened, and we have various subject matter experts on board to suit your individual company’s needs and goals.

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