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Many small to medium-sized businesses benefit from technological solutions based on open source software. At LogiXTech, our programmers and designers fully understand how to use open source software to its fullest extent to develop applications and programs that meet the needs of your company and help you succeed.

Open source software has a source code that anyone is able to inspect, change, or modify. Computer users typically have permission to use open source software in any way or manner that they wish. This allows for flexibility and ease in adjusting software, fixing glitches, and collaborating to ensure that your technologies are working as efficiently and thoroughly as intended for your operations.

GNU Image Manipulation Program and LibreOffice are some common examples of open source software. Although there are legal terms associated with the use of open source software, they are not nearly as stringent as with closed source software. In a nutshell, open source software licenses promote collaboration and sharing.

Another type of software, called “closed source” software, or “proprietary” software, has source code that can only be legally copied, inspected, or modified by the person or team who wrote it. Computer users must agree (usually by checking a box the first time they run the software) that they will not alter or change the software.

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Open source software technology benefits programmers, enterprises of all sizes, and even the general public who uses the internet every day. Common, everyday examples of open source software used between remote computers and individual cellular devices and other handheld technology include the following:

Viewing web pages in a web browser

Checking email

Chatting with customers, coworkers, or support staff

Streaming media

Remote computing also includes online word processing, email management, and image editing software that can be accessed on remote computers, via a web browser or mobile phone application. In other words, remote computing incorporates not only local devices (including handheld cellular devices and other handheld technologies) but also a network of remote computers. Such technology can be extremely beneficial for companies in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape. Embracing Open Source software also give you access to a global community of individuals contributing to the development of the software.

preference for open source technology

Users have more control over the software and can examine the code – or even change it, if necessary.

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  • We are able to assemble and integrate the data sources that are most in line with your individual business intelligence objectives and get them ready for analysis.
  • Open source software is generally more secure than proprietary software and users can make changes to the software by fixing it, upgrading it, or updating it, without having to first seek permission from the software authors.
  • Open source software is more stable than proprietary source software for long-term projects since the source code is publicly distributed and easily updated and expanded.

Economic Considerations

One very common misconception about open source software is that it is made available free of charge. Although the software itself may be available free of charge, it is important to note that the design, development, and ongoing support of an application is critical. By having an experienced solutions team on your side, you can be sure that your open source software is specifically tailored to best assist your company in all of its endeavors and that any glitches that arise will be addressed as soon as possible.

Value of Open Source Software

We believe that open source software is valuable to all walks of life and industries, including retail companies, insurance and financial institutions, and all types of healthcare businesses. We can identify whether this type of software is the best fit for your company to help you achieve all of your objectives and facilitate growth.

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