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Outpatient healthcare facilities such as clinics, urgent care centers, imaging centers, and surgery centers have specialized IT needs that typically cannot be met with off-the-shelf solutions. At LogiXTech, we understand the unique issues faced by outpatient healthcare providers and have significant experience developing customized solutions that provide an immediate ROI.

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Leveraging Mobile
Application Development
to Improve Outpatient Care

At LogiXTech, we develop custom
mobile applications for outpatient
healthcare providers that are designed
to cut costs, generate actionable data,
and improve care.

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  • Our cloud-based secure backup and data recovery solutions provide automatic backups of sensitive healthcare data that is compliant with all relevant regulations. In addition, our disaster recovery solutions ensure that your organization’s infrastructure and ePHI are safe in the event that an unexpected event disrupts operations.

  • One of the major issues in the provision of outpatient healthcare is aftercare compliance. Our patient-centered mobile applications allow you to personally connect with your patients and continue contact when they leave the facility. Our applications allow organizations to send reminders regarding medications, setting follow-up appointments, engaging in physical therapy, and various other patient actions that can improve outcomes.

  • We also develop mobile applications that are designed to for use by physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals that work in outpatient settings. Our apps help keep professionals on tasks and facilitate the sharing of critical information between various parties. We develop apps that are easy to use and attractive, making organization-wide implantation simple and efficient.

Providing IT Solutions to Outpatient Healthcare Providers

1.0 Custom Outpatient Healthcare Website Development

Because patients often shop around for outpatient healthcare services, it is important for outpatient clinics and other organizations providing this type of care to have an attractive, informative website. We develop healthcare websites from the ground up and are passionate about providing exemplary user experience (UX) that allows visitors to find the information they need.

2.0 Data Security and Testing

Healthcare providers have a legal obligation to keep sensitive patient data secure. We understand how to create HIPAA-compliant data storage for healthcare organizations of all sizes, limiting legal liability and keeping patient information secure. Furthermore, we provide penetration testing services that will expose any weaknesses in your current data storage system and are capable of addressed them should any be found.

3.0 Data Analytics

Outpatient healthcare providers generate a significant amount of data that be leveraged into actionable information that can improve revenue and the delivery of care. We develop solutions that track costs, patient-generated health data, internal processes, outcomes, and other variables that are relevant to your organization. In addition, our analytics software is intuitive to use and can generate actionable reports without the need to engage in complicated and specialized data analysis.

4.0 Cloud-based migration

Moving infrastructure and data storage to the cloud can benefit most organizations, and outpatient healthcare providers are no exception. A seamless and secure transition to the cloud is not as simple as uploading your existing digital assets to cloud-based servers, however, and the loss or corruption of sensitive patient data could have significant negative consequences for your organization. At LogiXTech, we understand the issues facing healthcare providers who want to leverage the cloud and are committed to conducting cloud migrations with minimal disruption to workflow. In addition, we are aware of the regulatory framework regarding cloud-based storage in the healthcare industry and take care to ensure that our solutions are compliant with all applicable regulations.

Outpatient Care services

At LogiXTech, we aim to listen, learn, and adapt to each client with whom we work. We understand the unique IT issues faced by the healthcare industry and come to each project with the knowledge required to identify challenges and design solutions. To leverage our expertise and learn more about how we can help your organization improve the delivery of outpatient care by call us today.

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