When it comes to developing business solutions, a solid framework is essential. SAFe is the latest advancement in this solution development. This specific workflow pattern has a lot of similarities to scrum. With its emphasis on thought leadership and solution development, it uses nine core principles to base everything on. It works on three different levels simultaneously: portfolio management, program, and team. Each level has different jobs that correlate with one another. SAFe is designed to work throughout the entire business, ensuring full and dedicated engagement. This engagement, of course, leads to better productivity.


Thought Leadership

Much of the thought leadership comes from the portfolio management level. Those who work at this level assume the most responsibility, including financial responsibility, for each project. They organize and oversee the process, making sure that the workflow remains steady and delivers on time. However, the best kind of thought leadership happens when every team member is engaged. This way, nobody feels less important than anybody else. SAFe makes this thought leadership happen by emphasizing collaboration instead of traditional hierarchies. For instance, the three levels report to one another on a regular basis. Everybody who works within SAFe has a responsibility to his or her own team as well as the organization at large. 


Solution Development

Much of the solution development happens within the program and team levels. At these levels, people work in scrum-like ways. They use two-week increments called “iterations” or “sprints.” During these iterations, they meet daily to measure their progress and make necessary adjustments. At the program level, large groups made up of smaller teams work in larger, broader iterations. Team leaders emphasize thought leadership in their solutions development. Team members report to their own sub-teams as well as the larger team as a whole. 


Steady and Practical

At all three levels, the SAFe workflow method uses a cadence, a steady rhythm for working. As a result, no team falls behind another. The regular, measured iterations help make sure that every team stays on the same page. The regular work also makes sure that teams deliver real, practical results on a regular basis. Product owners receive periodic reports from departments to ensure they’re getting precisely what they want from the project. 



At LogiXTech, we always stay on top of the latest workflow techniques, using what works for our system so that we can deliver the best possible solutions. We’re experts on scrum and related frameworks. We want to bring you timely delivery and well-built software. If quality software and measurable delivery are what you’re after, then contact LogiXTech today. We’d be happy to help.