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There are two market forces driving the need for Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care: 1). An estimated 10,000 people attain the age of 65 on a daily basis; 2) A greater percentage of the population are expected to survive into their 80’s and beyond. If you are in this business – no matter what size a facility you may have – it is critical to ensure you are at the forefront of industry trends so that you can compete and succeed.

A major factor in successful long-term care companies is how streamlined, organized, and efficient their workflow is. A well-strategized workflow can allow your business to provide the highest level of care for residents to uphold your reputation and increase profitability.

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Delivering IT Solutions to Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities

At LogiXTech, we focus on working with long-term care and skilled nursing facilities and develop fully-customized IT solutions designed to improve the delivery of care and provide actionable intelligence regarding operations. We understand that skilled nursing and long-term care facilities have specialized IT needs and strive to provide solutions that improve the delivery of care and maximize efficiency. Some of the products that we provide include the following:

streamlining all aspects of operations

Many facility owners are too busy to spend much time evaluating their existing systems to identify room for improvement or take the steps necessary to overhaul their technology. One way to ensure that your facility is running as smoothly as possible is to seek assistance from the highly experienced enterprise resource planning professionals at LogiXTech.

Our team at LogiXTech will thoroughly evaluate your current technology and will design a strategic plan to resolve any issues and improve your efficiency. We will develop and implement software, applications, and other systems to streamline all aspects of your operations including managing staff, equipment, buildings, and patient information. LogiXTech will provide ongoing support and services as the needs of your company changes and will always seek the solutions that maximize your success.

Information Management

Skilled nursing and long-term care facilities need to retain and manage copious amounts of information. Information regarding patients, their medical care, employees, and records for regulatory compliance should all be stored in an organized manner that makes it easily accessible. We can design a secure data warehouse and management plan that not only allows you to keep necessary information but also to analyze data and trends that allow you to make strategic business decisions.

Cloud Migration

Many companies that own facilities still use on-premise data storage and software even though a cloud-based infrastructure can save a business many resources, including money and the need for IT support. Cloud migration also makes information accessible from anywhere at any time, which can reduce complications in your workflow. We can assist with every step of the migration process to ensure your resources are being used in the best way possible.

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The above are only some of the many ways that LogiXTech can help you improve your operations and grow your business. We also provide advisory and business intelligence services so that you can design strategies to maximize your profitability and keep you in competition with other long-term care or skilled nursing facilities.

Our process is focused on our clients and we collaborate with you and listen to concerns can feedback every step of the way to create a flexible and scalable technology plan for you.

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