A safe and secure eStore is necessary to compete in the online world today. If you have a website, you also need an eStore. You want to give instant access to your customers so that they can buy your products. However, you also need the right software solutions so that you can provide them with a secure eStore.

Why Your Website Needs an eStore

Primarily, your website needs an eStore because it provides your customers instant access to your product. eStores make it easy for a consumer to give in to the compulsive buy. When your customer sees an item on your website and thinks “I need that,” a simple click of the mouse and it’s in their shopping cart. Moreover, an eStore opens up your business, drives traffic to your site, and increases your sales. You can even create a national or global market. In addition, you can share “stories” with your client that tell about the product. This creates a more personal reason for choosing your product.

Is an eStore Just For Commercial Products?

Clearly, an eStore is beneficial for more than just commercial products; they are great for non-profits as well. Additionally, you can sell memberships and donations, you just need to think creatively. Digital products such as books and music sell well in an eStore. Selling brand and logo enhanced items will increase your revenues and develop loyal supporters. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Security and Software Solutions

Security is a legitimate concern for any eCommerce business. Without security protocols you are putting your company and your customers at risk. That’s why it is important to choose the best software solutions for your eStore.
You don’t want to leave your business and your clients susceptible to phishing scams and credit card fraud. Phishing scams are the most common form of cybercrime today. Criminals gain access to information by posing as a known store or business and use that data illegally. Likewise, hackers steal credit card information to gain access to available funds or to open up a new credit card. This information is often then sold to persons with intent to use the information illegally.

What Can You Do To Protect Your eStore?

Software can help make your eStore more secure for you and for your customer. Layered security is more effective. This has the client go through several layers to identify themselves. For example, have the client provide their CVC number from the back of their credit card. Monitor your transactions to make sure there is no suspicious activity. Set up a red flag system that gives alerts when protocol is not met. Use an address verification system. Suspicious activity such as billing and shipping addresses that do not match.

How We Will Help Your Business

At LogiXtech NA, we custom design your software solutions to match your business. Our knowledgeable team will create a secure system for your business. To learn more about how our B2B and eCommerce and software development team can enhance the success of your eStore, please do not hesitate to contact LogiXTech NA today.