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Five Essential Practices for Data Governance in Healthcare

How can analytics improve patient outcomes? Clinicians make better decisions for their patients when healthcare data is carefully analyzed. Over the last decade, data governance in healthcare has increased. As hospitals and clinicians gain more access to data, the need for all data to be understood, reliable, and accessible has increased. Value-Based Care The shift […]

Does Your Business Need an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Is your company prepared in case of a disaster? Many companies do not consider the ramifications of a disaster as a part of their business plan. As a result, it often leaves them exposed to the consequences. If you can’t say that your business would survive without having access to your critical data, applications, and operations, […]

How to Select the Right Cloud-Based Backup System for Your Business

As a business owner, you must ensure the protection of your data in the case of accidental data loss. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small, home-based business or a global enterprise, you need to know that your important business records will be there when you need them. While you can use an […]

Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery

Each year cloud-based computing becomes more popular. There are numerous benefits for a business to turn to the cloud. Not only is a cloud-based production site economical, it is also the best option available for a mobile workforce. But, what about the benefits of cloud-based backup? Being unprepared for a disaster could be the end […]

Data Protection on Personal Devices: The Ultimate Employee Perk

Can data protection be a perk to attract new employees? While this may sound like an outlandish proposition, it just might prove to be a deciding factor for employment. There is no question that attracting and retaining qualified personnel is a challenge that business owners face. Young workers are more open to exploring and pursuing […]

Data Governance in the Machine Learning Era

The era of machine learning is entirely upon us; is your business ready for it? You may not even fully know all that machine learning entails. Many people refer to machine learning as AI, artificial intelligence. Basically, a computer system can “learn” or make improvements in performance without being explicitly programmed to do so. Unfortunately, […]

LogiXTech and GreysonBaines Team Up to Announce the Launch of StratoDeck Project Management as a Service

Organizations face the challenge of finding qualified Project Manager talent, GreysonBaines and LogiXTechnology North America are teaming up to solve the problem. Both companies bring years of experience and knowledge of the technology industry. This powerful combination is sure to benefit many. Announcing the Partnership LogiXTechnology North America is the North American partner of LogiXTech. […]

The Future of B2B E-Commerce Experience for Customers

The future of B2B E-Commerce is following in the footsteps of B2C E-Commerce marketing and sales. As a result, your top responsibility as a B2B E-Commerce business is to satisfy your customers. Why wouldn’t it be? The purpose of a B2B E-Commerce business is to sell products or services to businesses that also provide an […]

When Should You Purchase B2B E-Commerce Software

Are you considering purchasing B2B E-Commerce software? If you are, how do you know it’s the right system for your business? For most, this seems like a simple answer. If you are operating an online business or a portion of your business is selling products online, then the ease of use of a B2B E-Commerce […]

Four Benefits of B2B E-Commerce Software

If you are a business owner, you can benefit from B2B E-commerce software. Obviously, if your business is only online, B2B E-commerce software should be your priority. Your storefront should be your online sales product portal. However, if you are a brick and mortar business, you should consider expansion to B2B E-commerce software. Without it, […]

The Latest Developments in Business Intelligence Software

What are the latest developments in Business Intelligence software? This software continues to advance as small and medium-sized businesses have begun to see the benefits that Business Intelligence Software can bring to them. Some of the benefits include increased productivity, reduction of inefficiencies, and the ability to target the right customers. With Business Intelligence software, […]